Strategic Agile Session

Visualising the undercurrent

Strategic Agile Session

In one day, you gain an insight into underlying patterns and problems (the undercurrent) and also which interventions are necessary and supported/shared. You learn how your employees actually experience ‘agile’ and what is crucial for success, for your teams (and not the agile coaches).

The strategic agile session comprises 2 variants: the baseline measurement and continuous learning from feedback. The first lays the foundations and defines your strategic approach.

In the second variant, the organisation learns to convert the feedback from the people into a shared view and ongoing refined action plan.

Qualitative data forms the basis. You gain insight into what it is really like for people and what they think. The experiences people share at the coffee machine is the information you don’t find in official reports. This gives you a more realistic and clearer picture of how your organisation is performing.

Upon completion, you will have:

  • An initial plan of your strategic Agile approach
  • Actions and decisions, you and your teams can apply right away
  • Actions and decisions that are supported and implemented by participants
  • Understanding of employees’ perceptions and their daily challenges
  • Operational, tactical and strategic understanding of the challenges of change
  • Insights into which patterns and topics play a key role
  • A more connected decision layer and implementation layer

If the strategic agile session takes place as part of ongoing steering, further results are:

  • Detailed and complex understanding of which Agile aspects work for which teams/value chains
  • Redesigned strategic Agile approach


  • € 2,800 (10 participants)
  • 1 day