What is Sensing Change

What is

Sensing Change

Agile Sensing: an approach that makes the undercurrent visible within Agile organisations.
We ensure more committed employees, more rapid insight and lower costs.

Step 1


  1. Participants share their experiences from their own perspective. They share what is important to them.
  2. Next, they add context to their experience. This way, they ensure a correct interpretation and prevent bias in the reader
  3. In so doing, we collect qualitative data and quantitative data
Step 2


  1. In small tangible steps the personal experiences are converted into a shared view of reality (challenges & possibilities)
  2. This shared view leads to insight into the underlying topics and improvement proposals (tangible actions or experiments)
  3. The undercurrent is made visible and practicable
Step 3


  1. Experimenting and carrying out actions
  2. By collecting ongoing experiences ‘being unrelenting towards change’, we can see what works and what is not working so well. We can strengthen what is going well and make any adjustments for what is not (yet) working out
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Step 4

Learning Organisation – Commercial resilience – Business Agility

  1. By continuously collecting experiences and visualising these in a dynamic dashboard, the change mindset in the organisation also becomes visible and practicable
  2. The organisation becomes fluid – continuously resilient – a learning organisation
  3. The organisation constantly perfects its own agility, based on its own values, norms and challenges