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Agile Sensing

About us

Agile Sensing is a beacon for meaningful changes. Our aim is that our customers can make the unthinkable possible.

People are the most important part of your value creation. Your people supply your customers with brilliant products and services. But these are also the people who you are asking to continually improve themselves and adapt to other ways of working. This is where our passion and strength lies. Helping people to become and stay empowered.

From our passion we are guiding changes in small steps. Continually aligning changes and impact, places the control where the power for change lies, with your people.

Committed | Insight | Leadership | Openness | Trust


We believe that dynamic and vibrant organisations arise where people are empowered, and we believe that people are empowered if the undercurrent (non-tangible cultural aspects like trust, expectations, etc.) is continually visible and practicable. We believe that openness results in insight, and that insight based on openness leads to a sustainable (financial) performance.


We are rebuilding trust between the implementation layer and the decision layer because we involve people anonymously in the decision making. We ensure that information flows more freely, thus enabling more effective management in an agile transition.


Agile Sensing: a tool that makes the undercurrent visible within Agile organisations.
We ensure more committed employees, more rapid insight and lower costs.