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Agile Sensing

Collector website

The Agile Sensing approach consists of an app that collects large-scale and continuous experiences of the agile transition.

Within an organization, the shared experiences provide a rich source of information. It provides ongoing knowledge and insights about agile implementations. This creates a finely meshed picture of which agile practices work or do not work in which teams of the organization. Agile Sensing enables HR and management to be in continuous control of the agile transition.

For the Agile community we offer a generic storytelling point and dashboard. The idea is to learn from each other. You can share your personal experiences and ideas via the storytelling point. The dashboard provides an insight into the total of the shared experiences.

In this way, a continuous, expanding and deepening source of information about agile working is created.

You share your story anonymously. We do not collect any other information (e.g. through cookies) than the stories you share. However, in that case it makes sense that you do not mention the names of people and organizations in your story.

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