Continuous steering the undercurrent

Continuous insight

Steering the undercurrent

Successfully delivering an organizational (agile) change, changes to way people collaborate., requires something special. It requires a continuous and detailed insight.

With Agile Sensing, you are steering towards an optimum fine-tuned outcome. It makes the undercurrent visible. The undercurrent being the non-tangible aspects of how organisations operate (culture collaboration, fear, expectations, …). This information your people share at the coffee machine. Unfortunately, you will not find this information in the official reports.

Agile Sensing collects this information by allowing participants to share their experiences, which they normally share at the coffee machine. This information is visualized making it usable for effective decision making. Decisions are now based on both qualitative as well as quantitative information.

This approach to implementing change, is Agile in its ultimate form. We continuously inspect and adapt our approach as well as the content. We say that we continuously build on emerging aspects of the combined and interacting product, people and process. This way we realise an optimum result.

The information that Agile Sensing gives you is completely anonymous. It prevents bias and dominating (but not functioning) beliefs. You are able to understand the impact, in terms of its complexity and from a range of perspectives.


  • 1 Strategic Agile session per quarter
  • Common understanding of the impact of previous decisions
  • Understanding of the perceptions of all participants and their day to day challenges
  • Operational, tactical and strategic understanding of the impact of the Agile changes
  • Effective approach of underlying patterns and themes
  • Ongoing improved connection between decision layer and implementation layer
  • 2 days per month support and evaluation on site in the Netherlands
  • Online dashboard for daily management.


  • € 3,900 per month during the first quarter, thereafter
  • € 2,900 per month