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Consequences of working from home

Homework experience monitor

  • Know what your people are struggling with at home, sharing with their friends but not in the formal online contacts.
  • Give your people the opportunity to easily share personal experiences anonymously.
  • Get a clear view of what you can’t see and feel.
  • Know to act on what, or not.
  • Insight in variety and needs regarding the home-office work balance.
Continuous insight

Steering the undercurrent

Successfully delivering an organizational (agile) change, changes to way people collaborate., requires something special. It requires a continuous and detailed insight.


Successfully dealing with complexity and uncertainty

Much is being said and written about complexity and uncertainty. But transforming this theory into practices is not so evident. In this workshop you learn how to make the step from theory to practical applications.

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Agile Sensing

Agile Sensing: an approach that makes the undercurrent visible within Agile organisations.
We ensure more committed employees, more rapid insight and lower costs.

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Agile Sensing is a beacon for meaningful changes. Our aim is that our customers can make the unthinkable possible.

People are the most important part of your value creation. Your people supply your customers with brilliant products and services. But these are also the people who you are asking to continually improve themselves and adapt to other ways of working. This is where our passion and strength lies. Helping people to become and stay empowered.

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