Collaboration during Corona in your organization

Do you want to know what is really going on among your people during the Corona crisis?

Do you want to know how to best prepare for “going back to the new normal”?

Then the unique Sensing Technology / App is an absolute must for you and your organization

The Sensing Technology / App gives you a wealth of insights in a simple and modern way

Keeping emotionally in touch with colleagues and employees was always fairly simple. Short moments at the coffee machine or chance encounters in the hall, elevator or during lunch, quickly provided insight in the state of mind of the other person.

It is no longer possible to bump into each other for a while. Now we talk during – more or less – formal calls via telephone or video connection. As a result, we miss a bit of spontaneity and direct personal contact. In this way we miss signals that are important for a good working climate.

Other important aspects are uncertainty and fear. Anxiety can arise from different angles: children distract from work, loneliness, fear of job retention, etc. Typically, we do not easily share this thoughts and feelings, but they keep nagging at people.

It is important that those responsible, can understand these signals quickly. Of course, there are plenty of people who take initiative when they get stuck, but it is important to be able to recognize weak signals before people get stuck. Why? Because the stress builds slowly and by the time it manifests, it may be too late.

The approach is very lightweight in use. The sharing of experience is anonymous, takes little time and storytellers typically experience participation very positively. The approach is both scientifically grounded and supported by a number of strong back-office processes for signal and pattern discovery and evaluation. This makes the approach powerful, scalable (for example to the entire organization) and yet flexible in its use.

Start now and stay strong together

Do you want an in-depth insight of the impact of the present work conditions on your employees for a month?

Sign up via this link.

After filling in your details you will receive a confirmation email with further information. The email contains a code that you share with your employees. This way you can start right away.

Our Corona offer gives you free access to the method / app. Optionally, you can use an online session to explain the shared experiences. Afterwards you will know what is really going on among your people during the Corona crisis and you will be able to prepare optimally for “going back to the new normal”.

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Visualising the undercurrent

Strategic Agile Session

In one day, you gain an insight into underlying patterns and problems (the undercurrent) and also which interventions are necessary and supported/shared. You learn how your employees actually experience ‘agile’ and what is crucial for success, for your teams (and not the agile coaches).

Continuous insight

Steering the undercurrent

Successfully delivering an organizational (agile) change, changes to way people collaborate., requires something special. It requires a continuous and detailed insight.


Successfully dealing with complexity and uncertainty

Much is being said and written about complexity and uncertainty. But transforming this theory into practices is not so evident. In this workshop you learn how to make the step from theory to practical applications.

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Agile Sensing: an approach that makes the undercurrent visible within Agile organisations.
We ensure more committed employees, more rapid insight and lower costs.

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